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About Merle

Prior to moving into a real estate career Merle worked as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal for over 20 years. With the legal background Merle is able to bring her legal knowledge into real estate and is very comfortable with real estate contracts. She is able to interpret the clauses in the contracts to help her clients understand the terms. She is very conscientious and is driven to making sure her clients receive the best service and experience during the buying and selling process. If you know of anybody that can benefit from my help please send me their information and I will reach out to them.


Michelle J, Acworth

Merle was an excellent agent who is truly dedicated to helping clients find the perfect home. She helped my family get the home of our dreams at a price we could afford that was a perfect fit for our family. If you’re looking for a devoted agent with incredible negotiation skills, Merle is your girl.

Ashia M, Kennesaw

Merle is an excellent real estate, a kind person agent, and has great positive energy. Her knowledge and expertise of the buying process is immaculate. As a first time home buyers my husband and I didn't know a lot about the happenings and the different processes that goes into purchasing a home. Merle had an answer for everything and if she didn't know, she is great at finding resources. Merle made us feel comfortable and explained what was going on every step if the way. She was always ready and willing to answer our questions no matter what time of day. I highly recommend Merle Leroux if you want quality service.

Bryan B, Acworth

Merle Leroux is hands down THE BEST real estate professional I've ever had the pleasure of working with! She works SO hard for her customer and making them happy is her top priority. I've been involved in many real estate searches and purchases over the years and no other agent has prioritized my satisfaction, peace of mind, and convenience as #1 like Merle does. She's not out to make the most money and then move on, as frequently can be the case. Once you enlist Merle's help, it will become obvious to you that having an informed, happy customer is what motivates her. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and good at what she does, but she's also quite resourceful and skilled at navigating through and around any challenges encountered during the process. Merle Leroux has become a great friend of the family and I happily recommend her highly to anyone.